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We are committed to making your experience with Helix Wireless Simple: easy to use, without complications. Feeless: no crazy administrative or other unexplained fees. ForAll: with plans and options to suit your every need.  With Helix Wireless you get the network quality, speed and reliability of the big carriers, but none of the complications of contracts, fees, or disappearing promotions.  And we have live representatives to assist you every step of the way.

Oh yes! Most numbers can be transferred from one carrier to another. During the Activation process, you will have the opportunity to transfer your existing number or request a new one.  And to be extra sure you can keep your number, you can verify it here.

Our Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program lets you easily get Helix Wireless on your current unlocked device. You’ll just need to switch out the SIM card, and we’ll include easy to follow instructions in your Activation email.  If you’re on a prepaid or pay-as-you-go plan, your phone is probably unlocked; however, if you’re on a two-year contract or something similar, your phone could be carrier-locked until you finish paying it off.  Even if your phone is compatible, you may need to contact your carrier to unlock your phone.  If you want to make sure your phone will work with Helix Wireless check here. (This, however, does not guarantee that the device is unlocked or that it will work with our service). 

Compatible BYOD devices include: Most unlocked, GSM-network phones. Unlocked AT&T, T-Mobile, Cricket Wireless, Simple Mobile, and Straight Talk phones. Most phones with a SIM card.

A certified pre-owned phone is one that has been strictly inspected for any problems or issues that may have developed since the phone was originally shipped from the factory.  Certified pre-owned devices receive in-depth inspections, where techs identify and fix problems.  We offer great prices on these CPO devices, and the best part is that they have the same 1 year manufacturer’s warranty as any other device!

We offer a variety of simple plans to fit your needs. We understand that sometimes it is hard to determine the right plan and features, so we have Live Chat reps standing by to help with a FREE account analysis and recommend your best fit. You also have the added peace of mind that you can change your plan as your needs change.

We cover 99% of the US and use the same 4GLTE and Nationwide 5G networks as the big carriers!  You can also contact our Live Chat representatives to confirm coverage in your area.

Currently we do not offer family plans, but they will be coming soon.  For now you can have multiple individual plans, and each plan can be managed under your account and customized to fit the needs of each of your family members.

We never charge you for overages!  If you need more data simply upgrade your plan to the next data level by contacting our Live Chat representatives.

Having an online-only store helps us give you the best possible offers.  We also provide Live Chat support Monday through Friday 9a – 9p to ensure your experience with us is always the best.

Congratulations!  We are so excited that you are joining the Helix family!  We sent an activation email with detailed steps to get you going. If you’d like to have the email sent again, or would prefer to walk through the Activation with one of our representatives, click on the Live Chat and we will love to get you started!

Nope. No contracts. No crazy fees. No complicated bills.

Great news! Canada and Mexico are included in our most popular plans: Professional ($45) and Premium ($65)!  Helix Wireless has additional options that cover over 200 countries. Learn about our Travel plans here. 

Your phone bill is due the day you sign up for service, and that becomes your anniversary date.  Every month on that day, auto-pay will process your monthly payment.

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