Genesee & Wyoming Case Study

Operating train lines across North America requires a massive amount of coordination. Just like any complex operation there are unforeseen issues that come up every day. Additionally, acquisitions and growth add new challenges

When a short haul train operator tried to find a solution to connect to the internet when they crossed borders, they were challenged by the limitation of their carrier. Despite the best efforts of the major MNO’s here in the States they could not find a financially acceptable, simple to implement solution to connect their inventory management devices across borders

An array of logistical complexities arises when traveling across borders, even if it is to the friendly neighbors up north. The regulations, particularly in the wireless space, change from town to town, and country to country.

Nothing about wireless is technically simple, but sometimes the solution can look like it. The only way for the solution to work for this train operator was to have a SIM that worked more like a skeleton key. It could not be single carrier locked, or it would never get around the “roaming” issues, and it could not be a solution that required SIM swapping.

When Helix Wireless was called, it was not long before the solution was presented to this train operator. The Helix Wireless SmartSIM™, is a tri-cut SIM that fits almost any legacy and current wireless device. Once placed in the device it goes through a new “registration” call every time it initializes a data connection. That call allows it to download to the devices’ modem the appropriate profile, to then connect as a local connection to any network. At least any network where the billing party has an agreement. And since the SmartSIM™ is backed with access to 700 mobile network operators globally, there was no problem getting the rates just right.


This may sound complex, but for the train operator it was as simple as inserting the SIM into a tablet device and letting it work its magic. Today they experience simplified billing, reliable and secure cross-border connectivity. Helix Wireless does not stop there, offering a white glove, simple, fee-less solution for all.

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