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Helix Wireless Simplifying IoT with ConnectUs


June 11, 2022

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Today, Helix Wireless, a leading provider of global IoT connectivity solutions, announced its strategic partnership with ConnectUs. The partnership will ultimately demonstrate the high-performing capabilities when integrating Helix’s SmartSIM and cutting-edge mobile technology through ConnectUs. Both organizations aim to create more efficient and cost-effective deployment models with a seamless device distribution and activation process through this partnership.

Helix Wireless CEO John Squillace said of the announcement: “As a wireless solutions company, Helix Wireless is always looking for ways to reduce friction for customers deploying their products. We believe this partnership can offer flexibility and truly help simplify deployments of new IoT services.”

“With IoT SIMs distributed worldwide, we believe flexibility counts when activating your connections,” said Christopher Samaras, co-founder at ConnectUs. “Our customers can dramatically increase opportunities and growth through this seamless connectivity.”

This partnership will help build a complete end-to-end solution for IoT connections; as a result, the deployments can be customized, tailored, and scaled to meet demand. This partnership brings together two like-minded organizations that share a vision for providing customers with access to cutting-edge technology so they can thrive in today’s global economy.

Helix Wireless will be working with ConnectUs to make it easier for customers to activate IoT SIM cards in any country. Currently, Helix Wireless customers can activate IoT SIMs in over 185 countries through their SOLO platform. Helix Wireless continues to lead in mobile and data connectivity by strengthening its organization through solid and innovative partnerships.

About ConnectUs

ConnectUs is a leader in the field of global Mobility deployments. We are a global business-to-business network that works with businesses and mobile operators while providing them with the best and most innovative solutions in the mobile industry to help move their organizations forward. Connecting people and products for over 20 years to create a seamless mobility deployment process giving customers the freedom to focus on growing their business. For more information, please visit and follow us on on the latest company updates.

About Helix Wireless

Helix Wireless is helping to change the way the world connects. We built a wireless network for the real world that people use. Our communication technology helps millions of people and businesses get connected with anything and everywhere. A New Jersey-based telecommunications company with a team of pioneers who innovate and transform the industries they enter – integrating innovative technologies into everyday life by providing efficient solutions to consumers and businesses with a focus on IoT.