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Connecting You Differently

Helix Wireless provides consumer and IoT Wireless connections in over 190 Countries. We have patented SmartSIM technology that allows for a real time quality of service check. This ensures our Clients have the best possible experience. We work with all the carriers you know and some you don't! Learn More...


    One SIM. All the Carriers.

    Helix SmartSIM™

    One SIM to rule them all.
    One SIM card in four different sizes.

    Our breadth of eSIM technologies streamline and power your global Internet of Things products through a single consolidated solution. As part of your one-stop-shop for IoT Connectivity, Helix Wireless enables you to be there first for your customer in access, security, and reliability.


    Night skyline of a city with a globe graphic symbolizing internet connectivity all around the world.

    IoT can provide city planners, developers, and governments the information needed to ensure events, services and products are managed and delivered. Smart City solutions save cost and energy and increase safety and productivity.


    Laptop displaying graphics from data that connected devices transmit.

    Allows organizations to record and collect data on operations, whether remote or onsite, improving processes and efficiency. Helix’s solutions connect devices, sensors, and systems wherever they are located globally. Bring your organization into the future no longer needing to physically send employees to check on an asset or device. Control expenses and save time by being able to manage these devices remotely.

    Connecting Airplanes

    Sunrise with an airplane taking flight.

    Connectivity challenges when global, secure, and cost-effective solutions are needed are overcome by a Wireless and IoT company that connects you differently. Read More..

    Connecting Trains

    Sunrise with cargo train moving along the tracks.

    When a short haul train operator encountered cross-border wireless communications logistical challenges, Helix Wireless came to the rescue. Read More..


    Partner Ecosystem

    Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much -- Helen Keller

    Our partnerships have been created to answer very specific needs that exist when developing, testing, and deploying IoT solutions.

    Our ecosystem is comprised of vendors and revenue share partners.

    We believe that partnerships only work when it’s win/win.


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    Sunrise and airplane taking flight. The Helix Wireless SMARTSIM and JetBlue take flight.

    Helix Wireless and JetBlue Airways

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    Sunrise, cargo train moving along train tracks. Helix Wireless announces SIMARTSIM deployment with Genesee & Wyoming.

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    Indestructible Phone Episode X

    Woman reporter and gold helix. Helix Wireless in the business spotlight.

    Interview with the CEO

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    Women's History Month

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