Our Leadership team

Browse the biographies of Helix Wireless Executive Committee, Leadership Team and Board of Directors members below. To learn about investors and partners, please visit Helix Wireless investors page and partners page

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John Squillace

Founder | CEO

John Squillace spearheads Helix Wireless with a blend of innovation and astute leadership. Guided by his passion for leveraging technology's potential, he has reshaped connectivity paradigms. With an ambition to revolutionize telecommunications, he transformed Helix Wireless into an industry leader. His unwavering commitment to delivering bespoke, user-centric solutions has been a cornerstone in the brand's growth and proliferation. Collaborations anchored in excellence define John’s ethos, positioning Helix Wireless to redefine telecom standards consistently.
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Francis Gallic

Co-Founder | COO

Francis Gallic is the driving force behind Helix Wireless, seamlessly marrying technological innovation with industry foresight. His unique ability to anticipate market shifts and translate them into strategic actions has firmly cemented Helix Wireless among telecommunications' elite. His collaborative nature has ushered in pioneering connectivity breakthroughs, making Helix Wireless synonymous with telecommunications excellence.

Michael Tapp

Chief Financial Officer

Michael Tapp is a financial architect, sculpting Helix Wireless's fiscal future with over two decades of expertise. At Helix, his financial acumen ensures alignment with the overarching company mission, short-term targets, and long-term aspirations. With a career hallmarked by adaptability, Tapp’s previous financial orchestrations, including leadership roles with both public and private companies, provide invaluable insights for Helix's fiscal landscape.

Brandie Blackburn

Chief of Staff

Brandie Blackburn brings a rich tapestry of leadership and innovative vision to her role. Focused on optimizing synergy across divisions, Blackburn's arrival at Helix has been transformational. Her adeptness at steering the company amidst evolving industry landscapes ensures Helix Wireless's agility and industry relevance. As Chief of Staff, Blackburn consistently pioneers initiatives pushing the frontiers of operational and strategic excellence.

Roy Mehta

Head of Growth

At the forefront of Helix Wireless's expansion, Roy Mehta's strategic brilliance and innovative approach will continue to be instrumental. With a focus on bolstering Helix Wireless's market presence, Mehta's strategic alliances and client-centric strategies have brought about remarkable shifts in the company's trajectory. Roy’s recognized expertise in driving business growth, particularly in the IoT sector, further solidifies Helix Wireless's position as an industry leader.

Community Partnerships

At Helix Wireless, we embrace our responsibility to create a positive impact in our communities. We proudly support local initiatives, events, and organizations that resonate with our values, empowering our communities and fostering change for the better.