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Ray Padron joins Helix Wireless as our new Board Advisor


August 17, 2022


Helix Wireless continues to build upon a solid business foundation, scaling quickly and building a powerhouse destined for strategic growth. The team of telecom veterans leads in the space, with continued focus on supporting businesses' communications needs worldwide, helping them with digital transformation.

In their mission to provide innovative solutions beyond IoT data connectivity, they proudly welcome investor, Board Member & Strategic Advisor - Ray Padron - to help drive the company's vision forward.

Ray’s core focus will be advising our founders, John Squillace and Francis Gallic, and strategizing the company’s future development. Ray will bring an innovative and seasoned approach to help the company achieve it’s future goals. His trusted experience and expertise will help as Helix continues to build their culture and team.

As the CEO of Brightworth, Ray led the company to become a leader in the wealth management space and navigated the Mergers & Acquisitions activity that resulted in Brightworth being acquired by CI Financial. Combined with his knowledge in finance, people development, and business operations, Ray is confident that Helix Wireless can scale significantly and remain at the forefront of innovation.

“Since the very beginning of Helix, I have seen the amazing potential for Helix and their team to grow and scale. It is exciting to see what has been achieved in such a short period of time and I look forward to assisting in future strategic decisions,” said Ray.

Helix Wireless’s CEO and founder John Squillace added, “As part of Helix’s mission to consistently build not just our revenue but our ideas and people, Ray will be a guiding light throughout our journey. We are ready to adapt and shift for the future, bringing on experts like Ray who can deliver strategic support and guidance is a testament to our success.”

Helix Wireless’s COO and co-founder Francis Gallic said, “Ray’s addition solidifies our strategy to onboard advisors who understand our business and understand what it takes to scale successfully”.

About Helix Wireless

Helix Wireless is helping to change the way the world connects. We built a wireless network for the real world that people use. Our communication technology helps millions of people and businesses get connected with anything and everywhere. A global communications company with a team of pioneers who innovate and transform the industries they enter – integrating innovative technologies into everyday life by providing efficient solutions to consumers and businesses with a focus on IoT.