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HaloSOS Connected by Helix Wireless

About HaloSOS




About HaloSOS

HaloSOS is a market leader in staff safety solutions, using technology to ensure rapid assistance for hospitality and entertainment industry workers. Our cutting-edge solution offers precise indoor and outdoor location tracking, simplifying staff protection. Confident in HaloSOS for team safety, hotels can prioritize guest satisfaction.


Empower HaloSOS with cost-effective connectivity, eradicating overages, and streamlining billing to fuel their mission of safeguarding lone workers.

The Price Tag on Protection

The Price Tag on Protection

HaloSOS is known for leading the charge on employee safety. Their wearable panic button provides peace of mind to lone workers in all environments. Equipped with GPS, cellular connectivity, and Wi-Fi, HaloSOS provides continued monitoring of safety for users anywhere. Unfortunately, the cost associated with the solution was significantly higher than the team had anticipated. Data overages seemed exorbitant and the HaloSOS team needed a connectivity provider that could provide simple, transparent visibility into their billing and devices

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The Solution

Helix SmartSIM

Helix SmartSIM

As a leading global provider of cloud managed IoT networks, Helix Wireless provides companies across all industries cost effective cellular connectivity that spans the globe. Our mission is to make IoT easier and more accessible to everyone. We equip our customers with the people, processes, and tools to be successful. With the Helix SmartSIM, businesses have access to over 2000 networks in 185 countries with no roaming, worry-free agreements, and simplified billing. We strive to remain simple in a complex environment.



Helix Wireless was able to provide HaloSOS a bespoke pricing model, immediately eliminating over $10,000 in monthly data overages and solving the cost of services crisis their project had been facing. The customized invoice was simple, transparent, and easy to understand. With Helix, HaloSOS now had the visibility needed to easily manage, troubleshoot, and scale their deployment. At Helix, we provide best-in-class service, connectivity, and solutions. We see every client problem as an opportunity to deliver a qualified solution.



Fiona Moloney,

“With this new technology hotels are no longer limited by their Wi-Fi connectivity alone. Hotel associates have the best available network to protect them no matter where they are, in or outside the hotel.”

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