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HaloSOS/ Helix Wireless


August 25, 2021


KEARNY, NJ, August 25, 2021 — Helix Wireless today announces its partnership with HaloSOS, the leader in staff safety technology. Helix is enhancing the connectivity of the HaloSOS wearable solution. The SmartSIM connects the wearable to 700 networks globally, ensuring multiple mission critical communication paths in a crisis situation.

“With this new technology hotels are no longer limited by their Wi-Fi connectivity alone. Hotel associates have the best available network to protect them no matter where they are, in or outside the hotel” said Fiona Moloney, CEO of HaloSOS.

Helix was approached by HaloSOS to provide network redundancy to the Wi-Fi coverage in hotels and support staff who leave the Wi-Fi zone during an emergency. The Helix SmartSIM automatically detects the best possible cellular connection, helping to locate staff in a crisis.

“We are very excited by the opportunity to work with HaloSOS. Their passion for bringing safety and security to hotel associates around the world is something we at Helix Wireless align with and encourage.” said Francis Gallic, COO of Helix Wireless.

About Helix Wireless

Helix Wireless, Inc. is a telecommunications company based in Kearny, New Jersey. They focus on providing efficient solutions to consumers and businesses with a focus on IoT. With over 40 years of combined experience in driving sales, satisfaction, and success for consumers and Fortune 50 Organizations, Helix provides top level insight and capabilities that enable their clients to reach their goals.

About HaloSOS

HaloSOS ensures that the millions of people working in the hospitality industry feel reassured about their safety at work. “We care about people’s safety and believe that everyone should feel safe at work and secure communications is integral to delivering on our promise. We’re here to make staff safety as straightforward and reliable for the hotel as possible.” We have reimagined safety to create people-focused solutions. It is the vision of making the world a safer place that fuels HaloSOS every day. For more information about HaloSOS visit