Smart Farming

Discover Helix’s Smart Farming IoT Solutions.

Global data connection, hardware and software.

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Discover Helix’s Smart Farming  IoT Solutions

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Not every SIM is a SmartSIM™.

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Helix SmartSIM™

  • Helix SmartSIM™ enables global access for your organization connectivity needs, adhering to local data requirements.
  • Helix SmartSIM™ uses local IMSI where necessary to allow data to remain in country and accessible.
  • Helix SmartSIM™ is a tri-cut sim that fits almost any legacy and current wireless device. Embedded SIM is also available upon request.
  • Helix SmartSIM™ once inserted into a device it goes through a new “registration” call every time it initializes a data connection. That call allows it to download to the devices modem the appropriate profile to then connects as a local connection to 700+ global networks in 185 countries.

What to consider when designing a global IoT solution?

No worries!

At Helix Wireless, when we design an integrated IoT solution, we take the above considerations into account, to ensure you are set you up for success.